Proven Portfolio Strategies

Equity Income & Dividend Portfolio: This strategy provides a decreased level of risk for investors and to help protect and preserve wealth. The focus is on generating a steady and predictable stream of income for investors. We always keep our client’s account values in mind and carefully select our individual stocks and exchange traded funds to help provide bottom-line growth and stability in addition to income. We invest in companies that pay a steady dividend with a long history of increasing their dividend.

Equity & Commodity Rotation Portfolio: This strategy is our “go anywhere” portfolio where growth is the goal. We are continually monitoring which phase of the economic cycle we are currently in. We then invest in individual stocks and exchange traded funds that are best positioned within the current cycle. On an ongoing basis, we make tactical adjustments based on geopolitical events and various micro and macro-economic factors.

Asset Allocation Portfolios: These strategies look to capture great market returns with the least amount of risk. We will look to utilize a combination of mutual funds, exchange traded fund and individual stocks to help create wealth for the conservative to aggressive investor.

Third Party Money Manager through Interactive Brokers: Split Rock is a money manager on the Interactive Brokers Investors’ Marketplace platform. This is perfect for the DIY investor that still wants professional money management on some level.




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